Buffalo Automation Group Reaches the Sandbox Midpoint

The following is from Shane Nolan, COO of Buffalo Automation Group.


The bright sun shining over us here at the student sandbox is now past its zenith as Buffalo Automation Group plots a course for a sail into the sunset.  We reflect upon the opportunities (treasures) put in place by the noble Buffalo Deities of Entrepreneurship that we have been so fortunate to find here on our path.  The sand in the hourglass is half through, but for those in the sandbox, the journey is only beginning.

Members of Buffalo Automation Group were quickly introduced to many new kinds of responsibility that will continue to demand our efforts.

Well-roundedness.  The principle founders of our startup are playing many roles simultaneously.  In our board meeting experiences we identified a parallel nature to our mission.  The engineering of a thing we love, and the business of finding its value in the world.  As the midpoint passes we can see the lab-hours in the physical quality of our newly built prototype.  The team has been working furiously to build our MVP (in both senses of the acronym) in order to keep up with the growing excitement about its applications.  A flashy example of our latest advanced marine autopilot developments.  It is here at the midpoint that we have built our sand-castle in the form of a beautiful self-navigating catamaran.  It was a magical experience to sit captain on our prototype and feel it steer itself only on the basis of GPS, and sensors.  We are eager to show it off to the other kids, local professionals and others who have shown interest along the way.

This is where the real fun in the sun is going to start for Buffalo Automation Group.  We are ready to truly take on the many other roles demanded by our positions.  As people of this business, we will be showing what we have as well as what there is potential for by way of our exhibitions and demonstrations.  We have in this program, well-identified our market segments, so the next stage of our progression will be to tune our technological vision to the wants and needs of our potential customers. 

In the sandbox, our team has been introduced to some major players in Buffalo and given the opportunity to hear their valuable feedback.  It is in this new stage of the Student Sandbox program that the team will be coming full circle in the engineer/entrepreneur duality.  The Buffalo Automation Group team looks forward to taking on new challenges as we approach new opportunities to deliver on the anticipation built up in the community for our brand of advanced marine autopilot.

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