Cartefi Aiming for the Sky

The following is Julian Anjorin's account of his experience in Buffalo Student Sandbox.  A Syracuse native and Fredonia grad, Julian joined friends and business partners to form Cartefi, which is developing a better online platform to connect governments with real estate professionals.  Cartefi has used the Sandbox as an opportunity to develop their product, regine their strategy, and meet stakeholders in their market.  


Skills. Knowledge. Experience. These are useful attributes to anybody looking to excel. For a successful entrepreneur, they are essential. The Sandbox provides us with the means to build upon these attributes and exercise them weekly.

Over one month into the Sandbox and our days fly by as we continue to work hard to reach our goals. As we constantly seek more information through private and sandbox related connections, our understanding of the market and industry is growing, and our focus is solidifying and narrowing. The Sandbox continues to provide us with invaluable opportunities that get thrown right at us. Our most recent one being a chance to present our idea at a table at the Tech Meets Taste startup networking event in Syracuse to help us network even farther.

It is interesting to see how all of the startups are growing in the Sandbox. From team Ethos, learning how to strongly market their business and pick up new clients to team TMI finely adjusting their market while coming up with great ideas for new content; the benefits of the Sandbox are apparent in every team and it’s a truly amazing sight to not only see, but be a part of.

What is Cartefi?

Cartefi is a website with user generated content that is geared to better connect, municipalities and government agencies with real estate developers and Urban planners, Architects, Engineers, and any other related consultants. Our service revolves around the RFP process. At the end of the day it is simultaneously a research tool, social network, and news source leading to better proposals for all users.

Where Cartefi is now?

We have been scheduling more and more meetings by the day and delving deeper into the real estate industry. Currently our product is still in development and should be ready for launch by mid-September. It is showing a lot of promise! As of now, all stakeholders we have met with that would be issuing opportunities or RFPs have been eager to try the service as we asked them about their headaches and tailored our service to accommodate them. We are currently building that side of the market within our service by building profiles for the interested parties while we get to learn more about the other side which would be developers and related consultants.

Where is Cartefi headed?

As we strive to expand, we will keep meeting with potential customers and market our service to the best of our ability. With a solid team of open-minded and motivated co-founders, Cartefi will be hitting the sky.

If you or anyone you know deals with real estate, and would like more information on what we do or how we could help facilitate business in your/their area, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ [email protected]