Checking in with The Miss Information

Below is Alexis Dent's account of The Miss Information's progress in Buffalo Student Sandbox.  Alexis, alongside team mates Amanda Limardi and Jillian Weidner, have used their time in the Sandbox to refine their content strategy, expand their target market, and tweak their brand.  You can read more about TMI in Business First.  


Week 5 is now underway for the Buffalo Student Sandbox, and we can’t believe we’ve passed the halfway point of this amazing program. The past four weeks have been full of learning opportunities and great growth, and we hope the four weeks that follow this one are equally (if not more!) productive and impactful.


Our biggest accomplishment since we’ve been in the Sandbox has been refining our content strategy and completing a total overhaul of our brand. Between the visual improvements and the editorial changes we’ve made, The Miss Information now feels like a totally different website. We finally feel like our content and aesthetics match our mission, and the feedback we’ve been getting from our readers and our mentors has been great at both encouraging and challenging us further.


Speaking of which, have we mentioned how awesome the Sandbox has been at connecting us to amazing mentors and experts in a variety of fields? As native Buffalonians, we are so grateful to be able to start and run a business here in Western New York. We wouldn’t be able to make such strides in our business goals if it weren’t for the opportunities we have been afforded through this program.


Participating in this program has been a crash course in entrepreneurship, and we plan to make the most out of the resources, connections, and learning opportunities we have right now. Hopefully, if we hustle hard enough we can create enough of a foundation to continue The Miss Information even once the sun sets on our Sandbox days.

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