Linking incubator companies with outside experts

Starting a business is never easy; it takes skill, money, timing, expertise, some luck… and a lot of help.  As incubator managers, we created the Embedded Consultants program to link scalable incubator ventures with outside experts to lead them past specific milestones in the company’s development. 

Tackling these issues – and adding new knowledge and skillsets into incubator startups – is a huge opportunity for our region.  WIN can subsidize up to 80% of the cost of well-qualified projects. 

A few examples of current and past projects include:

  • Hiring a potential CEO to develop a venture’s growth plan and help all parties get comfortable working together
  • Analyzing the data coming out of an app and preparing a path for the company to proactively use it
  • Understanding the regulatory environment surrounding a company’s new product launches
  • Studying the competitive landscape and putting the go-to-market together in a potential new vertical
  • Building out standard operating procedures for an incubator company as it takes products to market
  • Establishing financial systems and controls to help a company that was growing unsustainably


The Embedded Consultants program is available to scalable ventures in good standing with WIN incubators.  The full Embedded Consultants program overview is available here.