Interactive X-periences at the Sandbox.

The following blog post is from Matt Cuciti of Buffalo Student Sandbox Team InterativeX.


Where else will you go when you seek direct exposure to industry experts and the fair criticism of true Venture Capitalists? Who will you call when you have questions regarding the legality of your business activities? And when your questions pile up and your expertise is exhausted, what will you do when you don’t know what to do?

If you’re in the sandbox, you’re covered. You can ask an expert, or at least get a good reference to one. You can get contrasting opinions, and decide for yourself what is best. In the sandbox, you are free to take advice or leave it. Ultimately, the sandbox treats you, the student entrepreneur, with incredible dignity. It provides the chance to take your company in a direction, and work to realize your dreams on your own terms. In fact, the sandbox will support your efforts and encourage you to realize your vision.

The sandbox teaches you what a business is.

Not all of these companies will exist in 5 years. Some of them won’t find their niche, and their progenitors will move on to new projects and perhaps found or join other fledgling companies. But the lessons learned here at the Sandbox will benefit us all in our careers as professionals and business people. The value of the sandbox will become very clear when Buffalo benefits from individuals with a clear idea of what it truly means to add value. In this region, our workforce is already stronger, especially now that these promising ventures are starting to take shape.

And the successes here are not trivial. More is discovered every day about the places in the markets we’ve begun to explore. We are recognizing efficiencies in our markets that were yet-undiscovered. Some of these discoveries can be capitalized-upon; and some of them are even enough to sustain us.

InteractiveX thanks the Innovation Hot Spot for this unprecedented opportunity to explore and experiment in the market. We would not be where we are today without this support; and are grateful for every effort made to enhance us as a business and build us up to be a leader in our beachhead market.

Now, if you have a manuscript, notes, or even PowerPoint slides, and you want to self-publish an interactive work based on them, there is one company that knows interactivity: InteractiveX!