Photozyne is Laser Focused

Below is Jonathan Smyth's  introduction to Photozyne, which works to commercialize the targeting of chemotherapy with laser precision.  Jonathan is a graduate of Syracuse University and UB Law.  While Smyth leverages the Sandbox this summer, inventor Jonathan Lovell and team mate Kevin Carter continue to make progress in the labs.  Team Photozyne vies the Sandbox as a key means to maintain their momentum generated in the labs and in winning 2015's Panasci Technology Entrpreneur Competition. 


Chemotherapy, the most commonly used cancer treatment, is highly effective at destroying cancerous tissue. However, without targeting, less than one percent of these highly cytotoxic drugs reach the intended target, while the vast majority of treatment causes unnecessary damage to healthy tissues, resulting in potentially severe adverse effects. Our company, Photozyne Biotechnologies, is dedicated to the development of novel, laser-targeted, drug delivery solutions. 

We harness a platform liposomal nano-vessel technology to safely transport and deliver a wide variety of cancer therapies directly to the site of cancer. Our proprietary nano-vessels open only when exposed to a specific wavelength of near-infrared light, granting clinicians unprecedented treatment control.  We provide a way to maximize the concentration of therapy at the target, decreasing the likelihood of cancer recurrence and increasing the chances of patient survival, while minimizing the exposure of healthy tissues to treatment, limiting the potential for adverse effects. We are currently in preclinical trials of a novel formulation of doxorubicin, a widely administered chemotherapy drug, and are exploring a number of potential target cancers. 

The past six months have been incredibly exciting for our company. We have generated significant visibility and seed funding for our business through our success at student competitions. The funds generated by our participation in SUNY Buffalo’s Panasci Competition, the New York State Business Plan Competition, and the seed grant provided by the Student Sandbox program will be very helpful in the coming months.  Beyond financial resources, our participation in these programs has granted us access to invaluable mentorship, guidance, and support. 

The Sandbox allows me the chance to focus on developing our business, and the access to co-working space at DiG gives me a comfortable environment to work while being surrounded by like-minded people. Working amongst young entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds gives me access to unique perspectives and valuable insight. Additionally, the seasoned professionals who have volunteered their time for the Sandbox have been providing much appreciated feedback and support. In the past two weeks we have made tremendous progress on our venture. We hope to sustain this momentum. The next few months are going to be incredibly busy for our company. We look forward to our continued participation in the Student Sandbox, competing in the 43North competition, and submitting a number of grant applications for federal funding and resources.