POP Biotech is Targeting the Delivery of their Pitch

The following is from Jonathan Smyth of POP Biotechnologies LLC.  POP was previously known as Photozyne and during their Sandbox expeirence, orchestrated a name change to better clarify their value product and value proposition.


Crystalizing the value of our company and technology in a simple and easy to digest presentation has been a challenge. We develop innovative nanotechnology based drug delivery systems which allow for the highly targeted release of chemotherapeutics, specifically at a cancer site upon laser irradiation, providing orders of magnitude improvements in drug safety and efficacy.

 It is no simple task to succinctly describe the complexities of cancer therapeutics, drug regulatory regimes, and our technical advantages. We need to capture this message in a manner which has sufficient facts and data to capture the minds of the well acquainted while not overwhelming an audience with technical information. Oversimplification of such a complicated venture can lead to inaccuracies which diminish the credibility of our business, while at the same time, overcomplicating our presentation loses diminishes our ability to retain the attention of a diverse audience.

We have constantly been refining our materials for potential investors and partners. Working as part of a collaborative program like the Buffalo Student Sandbox allows us to get periodic feedback from a diverse group of talented individuals who each bring their unique perspective.

We have been making tremendous progress, both in the lab and in the incubator. Our technical findings are incredibly exciting and highlight the life-changing potential of our technology. In the past month, we have been able to make substantial progress in honing the message of our pitch deck and other marketing materials thanks to working in such an environment which generates consistent feedback from a group of highly-engaged entrepreneurial peers.

We are working hard to balance our desire to share hard science with our need to capture the hearts and minds of potential partners and investors.