Where the Water Meets the Sand(box)

The following entry is from Shane Nolan, a student at the University at Buffalo and chief operating officer of Buffalo Automation Group.  Nolan met classmates and cofounders Vikram Suresh and Alex Zhitelzeyf through mutual interests in entrepreneurship and eventually formed the company, which earned a spot in the Sandbox by progressing through programs like the UB Pitch Competititon, Buffalo Startup Weekend, and as finalists in the UB Panasci Competition.  


The Student Sandbox program at dig is well underway and we, the Buffalo Automation Group founders, feel the machines of success actuating in our hearts and minds.  As a robotics company that specializes in maritime navigational computer solutions, we are well set on the course of creating something very large in scale out of minimal resources.  The sandbox being our starting place, we pursue the opportunity to make Buffalo our beach.

The seed money we’ve been granted from the Student Sandbox program has gone as quickly as it came, towards building a full scale prototype of an autonomous boat.  An early iteration of Buffalo Automation technology and a true artifact of robotic sophistication.  While we are in the sandbox, we’re not playing with toys.  The powerful operational skills and resources made available to our company through the Student Sandbox are being well applied towards our goals of attracting interest in our concepts from boat owners and those who could help us iterate further on our technology.  Any boat owners out there interested in owning the world’s most robust autopilot?

With shovels in hand and a sandbox that brings us farther and wider in our entrepreneurial prospects each day, Buffalo Automation Group is setting a course that will take us on a (highly scalable) journey from our beginnings in the Buffalo start-up community.

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